A well-trained, skilled and safe workforce is critical to quality construction. Accredited union apprenticeship programs form the foundation of this workplace. This ensures that journeymen and women are experienced professionals and that apprentices are gaining experience in the field and have proper guidance to become a fully qualified journey worker.

To become a fully qualified journey worker a construction craft laborer apprentice must complete:

  • At least 320 hours of classroom training;
  • 4,000 hours of on-the-job training;
  • Work experience in building construction, heavy highway construction and environmental remediation;
  • Classes in general construction skills and core labor skills;
  • Electives in several specialty markets.

Contractors and construction users who include construction craft laborer apprentices in their work crews enjoy reduced hourly labor costs while helping to train the workers they will need in the future.

For more information concerning our apprenticeship program please contact our Lawrenceburg Office at 502-839-3155.


Members of LIUNA can access the Anti-Harassment Program using a QR Code or a direct link, both of which are provided below. When a member finishes the online course, and answers the final question, he or she will automatically be prompted to fill out a registration form.

It will be noted that no participant will receive credit for completing the course until the form is completed. The form asks for name, local union, member number, training fund, apprentice or journey-worker designation, and state/province.

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